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LOVE STREET LIVE BRINGS THE INSPIRATION, PAINT, CANVAS & LIVE MUSIC.  Together we will CREATE an amazing ONE of a KIND…INSPIRED by you and yours…ORIGINAL.. never to be forgotten…PAINTING!  Collaboratively working as ONE!  NO RULES, NO  over THINKING, Just do it! EXPRESSION!  You can KEEP or GIFT or SELL the art work to further your ambitions.

Love Street Live Trains with Childrens Grief Center

Midland resident Kimberly Megoran has worked with a variety of people through Love Street Live, a music and art collaborative she founded about a decade ago. Traveling to Michigan music festivals, as well as hosting private sessions, Megoran has used her love for music and art to help others express themselves. Whether it’s sitting in a circle making music or a group of people creating one painting, or perhaps both at the same time – it’s Love Street Live.
And now, the latest endeavor for Megoran is working with children. Over the past weekend, February 2020, she and a few other Love Street Live members completed the Children’s Grief Center’s annual facilitator training.

“What happens with the music and the art and the healing that comes from that – it creates such a camaraderie, especially with children,” Megoran said. “And we find that after the artwork is created you have that memory — there’s just so much healing that comes from it.”



In an interview with Deepak Chopra, Robert Martin from Review Magazine asks for Love Street Live: What happens when people gather together collaboratively to paint or play music. Does something happen to their mindset, orientation, and perspective on a cellular level?Deepak Chopra: Yes, most certainly. Look at a symphony and say it is a 100-piece orchestra. Everybody is playing all different instruments but all are a part of the symphony because it is a correlated experience and the wholeness can never come about by just adding up the parts. The wholeness is a kind of entrainment. When people gather together to play music, dance, pray, or meditate, it creates a different energy. Just as when people gather together to demonstrate, or assemble in a football stadium, that creates its own type of disruptive energy. It’s a matter of creating a critical mass of consciousness. https://www.review-mag.com/article/deepak-chopra-an-exclusive-interview

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