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Kimberly Megoran is a Michigan­ based singer, songwriter, and visual artist with multi-faceted talents that flow from her statuesque physical presence into creative branches spanning lyrical, musical, visual, and spiritual arenas that imbue audiences with a collective ambiance of well­ being that attests to the healing powers embedded within the alchemy of her artistry. Kimberly exudes both a confidence and beatific nature within her live performances that is born from carefully mining the often ­delicate contours of love and compassion.

Possessing an inimitable vocal style to deliver the backlog of personal experiences articulated within her original compositions that traces the challenges, setbacks, and joys of life, Kimberly is one of those rare contemporary artists that literally lives and breathes her work. Whether as a soloist or performing with her son Sean Megoran as Mama Song & the Boogie Child as well as numerous talented Michigan Musicians including Kevin Paul, Jack Elliott, Jamie Kissan, Carrie Westbay, Steve Roth, Bernard Staples, Jere Stormer, Bradley Fergin, Kyle Lewis just to name a few. A traveling folk oriented troupe of musical minstrels – Kimberly drives the rhythm and sets the backdrop of her tales upon her acoustic guitar with an engaging confessional style that draws audiences into her world.

Performing all over the State of Michigan for well over 20 years now, her original material is a reflection of pivotal life experiences ranging from adoption, single­ motherhood, the loss of loved ones, loneliness, and the joys of reconnection and discovery.

The stylistic textures of Kimberly’s music are strongly influenced by artists such as Neil Young and Crosby, Stills & Nash and her attraction to the West Coast ‘Singer/Songwriter/scene of the 1970s, which inspired her to commence her career hosting late night jam sessions which forged the beginning of Kimberly & Company.

Her home on Love Street has evolved into a regionally iconic location where musicians such as Dave Kellan, Brad Fergin, Sean Megoran, Aaron Stampley gather for hours and days of jam sessions, mutual affection, appreciation, and great food – harkening back to the haven Joni Mitchell created for artists of an earlier generation.


“My work is inspired from within. It encompasses all that I am, l that I have done and all that I seek to do,” she explains. “It is inspired from dreams, from endurance, from patience, from love, from pain and sorrow and it’s all tied up into my music.” As I’ve grown over the years, sharing my songs and music, I have also grown in my soul and heart, giving me a some sort of wisdom, a wisdom of pain, and an ability to relate to other people.  I’ve risen above it. I feel healed and it was a long musical journey.  Today I feel my music is the root, I am the root of my own sort of musical tradition.  It’s a Indie Folkie Rocking sound. Sometimes rocking and sometimes soft and sweet.”  

Today Kimberly is ready to share her life through her music, infusing her music with a zest for life and sharing her belief in Love & Peace, which in turn fuels her audiences with a piece of her positive energy.

“The more in tune you are to the things around you and the stronger you develop your sense of empathy and wellness, the closer you walk down the path of enlightenment, the more healing you can deliver through the power of song.”


I Love, I Sing, I Dream, I Color, I Paint, I fly, I Cry, I Write, I Wish, I play, I Try, I Do, I Did, I Can, I Will

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